Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cake Pops

Today is going to be a busy day.  We have the new Cake Pops cookbook by Bakerella and we're going to try to make some.  That is after we get some lollipop sticks.  I have a feeling that Rosie is going to want to be quite helpful while we're making these. 

She really likes to help out in the kitchen at all times.  Even if you're making something simple like french pressing some coffee or choffy.  Rosie really loves all things coffee.  And since choffy sounds almost the same to her...she'd be willing to try some of that too.

Choffy is actually roasted organic cocoa beans ground up and brewed like coffee.  It tastes great (if you add a little sugar).  Doesn't have any calories and doesn't make you crash like coffee will.  I just wish it was more readily available.  The company is based out on the west coast.  So in Arlington Heights, it's something you have to send away for.  And wait and wait till it shows up. 

Pictures to come.
This is Miss Rosie Dickens.  She's originally from Seattle.  It's a little hard for her to live here in Arlington Heights because she's a little over-protective.  She's more a watch dog than a happy go lucky regular Labrador retriever.  She also has a large orange tabby cat named Seven.  Who she worries will eventually catch a squirrel which will leave him with more war wounds. 

As you can see she loves to dress up all the time.  With anything from a simple ribbon (Aerie ribbons are her favorite) to t-shirts or a costume.  She loves to discover everything from a new recipe to a great deal.  This blog is to help her share some of these great things with everyone else.