About Rosie Discovers

Rosie Discovers is a place where you can learn about new things.  Be it a great new yummy recipe, a gorgeous new piece of jewelry or a great new deal.  We're also quite book oriented here.  Comes from being a librarian in a past life.  So you'll find some book reviews too.  

Miss Rosie Dickens is a gorgeous pure bred yellow Labrador who is just as interested in things sparkly and pretty as I am.  That's why her name graces this blog.  And her picture.  

Seven is a quite large orange tabby cat.  Think Garfield when you think of him.  Except he only eats fishies.  He's a typical cat in that unless it benefits him, he's not at all interested in you.

I'm Alison.  I'm the baker, crafter and jewelry creator.  I'm very interested in way too many things.  Sparkles are big in there (runs in the family).  I can easily be distracted that way.  

You'll also see guest posts from my sister.  She's Seven's the Favorite.  Obviously you see where her loyalties lie.  :)

Angela is another of our bloggers.  She does fashion, culture and all things girly.  

You can contact us at rosiedickens@hotmail.com.