Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SniqueAway-Join now!!

SniqueAway is by invitation only....(aren't the best things always).  You have to be invited by a member to get in.  Lucky for you, with this link, you too can start saving on 4 star hotels.  :)

*thanks bzzagent for letting me share this great opportunity*

SniqueAway-find the perfect hotel deal

So SniqueAway is this great website where you can get deals on 4 star or higher hotels.  All over the world.  The availability changes all the time, with different hotels being offered every few days.  If you love to travel, this is definitely the website for you.  :)

*I got to join SniqueAway because I'm a bzzagent.*

If you like Apptivo---

If you check out and see something you like at Apptivo...I do have a code available to make using it even sweeter.  Leave a comment if you're interested and I'll be happy to get it to you.  :)

*This code was made available to me from bzzagent*

Apptivo- great online tool for business!

So Bzzagent let me join this new campaign for Apptivo.  It's a website that helps you run a your business.  While this isn't something that I personally did look very thorough and would be a great asset to anyone in business.  So check it out at Apptivo.

*being a bzzagent...let's me share with everyone*