Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Naturally Enhancing your hair color

So I read about this natural color enhancing in an email I'd gotten from Whole Living magazine.  I thought it might be nice for my mom to try as she colors her hair at least once a month.  Well it's not intended to use as a hair dye...but it does darken brunette hair quite considerably.  She had some left over after trying it and said I should give it a try.  Well it's goodbye summer highlights.  Leaving this on like you would a conditioner in the shower considerably darkened my already dark brunette hair.  Luckily it says it only lasts about a week.

But I can't imagine that it doesn't work just as well for blondes or redheads.  I was amazed that just a few minutes with cocoa powder, yogurt, honey and apple cider vinegar would make such a huge difference.  Whole Living says they got the information from this book; The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and Fragrances by Julie Gabriel.  I can't wait to check it out to see what else great things it has in it.

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