Thursday, December 2, 2010

$.12 Pillsbury Easy Frost

So yesterday I was at the Jewel in Arlington Heights....on Golf and AH rd....and they had maybe 20 cans of Pillsbury Halloween Easy Frost for $1.12.  Now as Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I of course picked one up.  Which meant I had to bake cupcakes last night so I could try it out. 

Pretty nice looking, huh?  So how am I going to get it for $.12 instead you might ask?  Well it seems every month there is an easy frost coupon for a $1 off 1 on here  So having a couple computers I printed some last night and went to pick up more frosting this morning. 

BTW the frosting was on the back half of the isle by the make up between the frozen foods. 

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