Wednesday, February 29, 2012

$5 cat printing today @ Dominicks

So I stopped at Dominick's today because I had some CPK $1 off tearpad coupons that I'd gotten at Mariano's.  I wanted to use them because even though the $5 cat was supposed to not start till tomorrow, the 30% off frozen food was only today.  So I bought:

3 BBQ chicken CPK pizzas used (2) $1 coupons + Ad Q (making them $4.49 each) = $6.07
1 bag frozen peas $2.29 = 1.60
2 open nature sour creams 50% off $2.59 = 2 for $2.58
2 grands 2/5 GM .30/2 + Ad Q = $1.68

I used the 30% off coupon on frozen foods coupon too.  Total was $12.25...and I just realized that one of the CPK coupons didn't scan.  So I called and they'll give me a dollar back next time.  So total should have been $11.25.  I got the $2 cat for buying 3 CPK pizzas and the $5 frozen food cat too.  It is working today!!

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