Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghiradelli Milk & Truffle Squares

Earlier this week I received a bag of the new Milk & Truffle Ghiradelli Squares from SheSpeaks.  I was excited to try these as I'm not a huge dark chocolate lover.  Initially when the bag came in the mail, we tried them and I have to say that I like them better chilled.  When I went last night to take a pic of the chocolates I found that someone else must have liked them more than me since half the bag was missing.  Those 3 chocolates you see in the picture are all that were left of the bag. 

I will say that the squares are slow melting which is nice.  But they're a little too dark chocolate in taste for me.  I've always been a milk chocolate kinda girl.  But like I said they must be good because most of the package disappeared in only a few days.  :)

You can find these chocolates at Target, Walmart Supercenters and Walgreens nationwide. 

*SheSpeaks sent me these chocolates to review.  All thoughts and                                                         opinions are 100% my own.*

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