Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Lucky One

I was lucky enough to get to see The Lucky One at an advance screening tonight.  While I don't read Nicholas Sparks books (I prefer thrillers) it was a very sweet movie.  It stars a pretty darn grown up looking Zac Efron as a soldier who survives Afghanistan because he finds a photo of a girl in some rubble.  It keeps him safe all through the rest of his tour.  So when he gets back to the states he matches the lighthouse in the photo to a lighthouse in the South. 

That's the entire premise of the story.  Boy finds picture of girl.  Boy Finds girl.  After some conflict they fall in love.  A pretty basic chick flick.  Logan, Efron's character, seemed a little stiff from time to time.  But all in all it was an enjoyable romantic movie.  Lots of awws in the audience.

If you like the rest of Nicholas Sparks' books, you'll definitely enjoy this movie.  Also if you just love romance stories you'll love it too. 

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