Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Moder Pet Photography Book

Recently I got this awesome pet photography book, Beautiful Beasties.  Before I became a blogger I was never quite interested in photography.  I wasn't one of those kids that grew up with a camera in their face at every turn.  My parents weren't actively documenting my childhood in that way.  So I never had much interest.

However, if you blog, you need awesome photos.  Attention getting photos.  Photos that make strangers click on them to see what you might have written to go with the photos.  My food photos are getting to this level, thanks to my photography class through Social Fabric.

My pet photos are another story.  It's extremely hard to get a photo of your pet when they're doing something interesting.  This book, Beautiful Beasties, will teach you how to get a great pet photo.

Here's an example of us trying it with Seven.  It's a definite improvement over anything we've taken in the past.
Can you spot the cat?  :)
Now, I understand a bit more about capturing those moments.  With this book I learned some tricks about engaging your pet to get great photos.  I can now tailor my photo shoots with my pets to get high quality pictures.  The lighting and settings on the camera can be utilized to work with your pet.  The entire process is included from what you should bring when planning a pet photo to how to work your camera.  There is a handy chapter on fixing common errors like blurry photos and other pet related photo fiascoes.  Overall,  a detailed guide to catching the best of your pets no matter the circumstances.

Besides being lucky enough to get to review this book, I'm able to give one away to a lucky reader.

To enter:  Leave a comment telling me what is your biggest challenge when photographing your pets?

Contest is open to both US and Canada.  Contest will run October 24th through October 31st.

*I was sent this product for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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  1. Getting them to sit still and look at me.

  2. the biggest thing is getting them to stay

  3. My pets don't understand the concept of looking at me when I'm taking the picture. They would rather watch something in the other direction than respond for a few minutes and stay still, haha.

  4. I can never hold their attention for long!

  5. My biggest issue is avoiding that demonic looking red eye you can get sometimes with the flash! That and of course, staying still!

  6. My biggest challenge is that she MOVES so much and hates the camera sometimes lol. She's bipolar, because half the time she will purposely post.. the other half she will be like ohhhh no!! is my email

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  7. Them moving when I'm trying to take a picture

  8. Getting them to stay still! My daughter loves photography and dogs so this book would be perfect for her! thegunnysack (at)

  9. Running for the camera when they do something cute and they stop by the time I get ready to snap a picture.