Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chicago Fine Chocolate Show Nov. 16-18th at Navy Pier

I'm excited to share that we're going to the Chicago Fine Chocolate show at Navy Pier November 16-18th. What is the Chicago Fine Chocolate show you might ask?  It's a place where chocolatiers from all over the world are coming to showcase their chocolates.  It's the very first year and there are going to be at least 100 vendors.  Not only are we going, we've got press passes so you'll definitely get to see everything!  

Due to this, I'm pretty sure the majority of November is going to be all about chocolate here on Rosie Discovers.  Already we've posted a recipe for a buttermilk chocolate bread, which totally rocks BTW, and there will be many more recipes to come.

If you're interested in attending the show, tickets are $35 for adults and include 15 tickets to try the chocolates.  

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