Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cookina Barbecue - Awesome 2013 NRA Show Product

I was lucky enough to attend the #NRAShow this year.  While there I met a brand called Cookina, who was kind enough to give me this awesome Cookina Barbecue reusable cooking sheet.  Now I love to grill in the summer, but I hate how dirty my grill gets.

Cookina Barbecue is absolutely perfect for this.  It's a thin teflon sheet that you place on top of your grill grates to keep food from sticking to your grill.  The awesomeness of Cookina is that it not only keeps your grill clean, it also still makes those distinctive grill lines on your food.  You don't need to use any oils or fats when you cook with Cookina either.  That's absolutely amazing!

I'll definitely be writing about Cookina more when I finally use it, but I wanted to share about one of the awesome things I got at the #NRAShow.

*Cookina gave me this product at the 2013 NRA Show.  All opinions are my own.*

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