Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unwrap the Sweet Suite'13

One event we attended during that big blogging conference in July was the Sweet Suite'13 party.  A night of toys and sweets everything you could want.  While we were there we enjoyed sneak peeks at new toys coming out in the fall and in time for the holiday season.  With Skylanders and many others showing off their wares we had a grand ole time.

The best part of course was that the gifts we got weren't there but shipped to our house!  One party that knows how to treat a girl right!  To our surprise this box was large and filled to the top with all sorts of toys for all ages.  Some toys didn't come in our box but we know what to look out for in the coming months.  

Since we don't have to hide our toy box, we decided to shoot a video to show exactly what we have.  The best part of course is playing with the toys, because you are never too old to enjoy them, and they're never nearly as satisfying still inside their packages. 

Thanks again to #SweetSuite13, The Big Toy Book, Joey Fortman and Charlene DeLoach for all of our awesome toys!

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