Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Thwomps Building Set Review

There is little I have done with building blocks.  Honestly, as the girl child, I stayed away from them.  Or more accurately was told hands off by my older brothers.  The building was their domain and that was fine by me.  Mostly...I mean building is fun for all.

So, I was little smug when we got some K'nex sets a few weeks ago.  I decided to start with the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Thwomps Building Set.  The building started and I got a little carried away in the same sense.  I love puzzles and this was a giant 3-D puzzle only with Mario for the theme.  I know you may not believe me but being able to make your own level for a Mario game is pretty amazing.

In about three hours, with I must say the worst assistants ever.  I mean, really how hard is it to hand me the red stick? It's red and a stick! Not hard to figure out.  Anyhow, they were easy to build.  The instructions don't even have words just pictures so you know that an eight year old could do it.  Only, I bet they'd have an easier time without my awful assistants.  The cat is not helpful.  He only wants to eat the pieces.

So, why not bring a little Nintendo cheer to your builder?  You will be impressed with the awesome display you find on your table!

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