Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saveur Smith Island Cake

This is the newest fancy dessert we've tried at my house.  Saveur's Smith Island Cake is definitely worth the work to make.  I was a little worried that the frosting wouldn't set up because it was incredibly liquid when I was spreading it on the cake.  But it did after it had been in the fridge overnight. 

The other important instruction in the directions was to make sure to make the batter thicker towards the edge of the pan.  This gave each layer a little lip which helped keep the frosting in place between layers.  The layers also cooked extremely quickly.  Mine took 12 minutes for each set of 4 pans.  Depending on your oven you'll definitely want to keep an eye on them though.  Next time I'd definitely use more peanut butter cups between the layers.  Probably double.  The recipe did make a tasty cake though.  I'd recommend it.  :)

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