Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cococotini Recipe - Lulu B. Chocolate Martini

Remember I mentioned that the Lulu B. Chocolate Martini was fabulous plain?  Cause it is.  But I thought it might be even more amazing if I mixed it into some drinks.  Especially a drink with coffee.  :)

The very first thing that crossed my mind was coconut because it goes great with chocolate.  Then I needed something to thicken it hence the heavy cream, an added chocolate boost and some coffee to round it out.  I ended up with a yummy balanced chocolate, coconut, coffee martini.  With a little shredded coconut on top.

Cococotini Recipe

1 ounce Lulu B. Chocolate Martini
1/2 ounce heavy cream
1/2 ounce cream of coconut
1/2 ounce fresh brewed coffee
1-2 teaspoons chocolate syrup
5-6 ice cubes

Combine all in cocktail shaker.  Shake, strain and serve.  Easy peasy!
Susie Savors: The cococotini is rich with three of my favorites: chocolate, coconut and coffee.  A trifecta that mixes into a mouthful of cream and sweet.  The cream of coconut adds sweetness while the coffee cuts down on the sweet just enough.  The cream adds thickness to the mix.  The chocolate sings out the mellow tang.  A perfect mix for fall.

*This is a sponsored post.  I was sent this product for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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